Just wanted to touch base with you via email while we are still here in J’Berg. I cannot tell you enough what a privilege it was to meet you, Burt & Rick & to be able top spend some wonderful moments at Sand River Lodge! Thank you so much for all the attention, care & efforts that were put forth for mine & Lynn’s hunting pleasure. I know in my heart that our friendship will be a lifetime connection & I look forward to being back sometime in the near future…Lord willing.

The trip down to J’Berg was quite adventurous & I’m sure by this time Ruan has already filled you in on the events that kept plaguing! What a trip! But qwe had a great time with your boy and I must say he is a chip off the old block with the same principles and character. I thank you for his willingness in driving these 2 ole Texans! Ha!

Please give Rick a big hug from Lynn & I…look forward hearing from you.

Jim Baker
26 February 2013