Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting is normally long range hunting. The prey is stalked and it is then up to the hunter to decide whether it is within range and whether a clear shot is possible. Various factors should be taken into consideration such as: the stance and the visibility of the prey and whether the ammunition to be used will be effective on the particular prey.

The objective of a rifle hunt is to make a clean, humane kill without destroying excess meat. For this reason, it is not wise to “hunt down” when selecting a calibre of bullet. Sure, you can blast a rabbit with a rifle intended for kudu. Will the kill be humane? Yes, the rabbit won’t suffer. Will meat be destroyed? Why yes. In fact, there won’t be anything left of the rabbit except a pink mist.
In a like manner, it is cruel to “hunt up”. The goal of the sportsman is to dispatch his prey in a manner which is quick and relatively painless. Shooting game with an underpowered cartridge invites multiple shots, resulting in extended suffering for the animal and wasteful meat loss for the table. Does this constitute a successful hunt? No.

A successful hunt has all the right ingredients: accessible terrain, the appropriate rifle and ammunition, patience and the right attitude.