PH’s Staff

Marius, one of the directors of Sandriver Safaris PTY and a good friend, is the head of 4 companies namely Magstruct, Travelling People, Travel Consortium and Investor Travel. Investor Travel being an IATA accredited company with experienced reservations staff for any and all travel needs worldwide. Marius is a successful business man but his heart and soul belongs to the African Bush. Marius was introduced to the world of hunting by his grandfather at the age of 5 and has since become a compassionate and dedicated hunter as well as an extremely knowledgeable Professional Hunter. Whether in the corporate world or the bushveld, Marius’s determination, resilience and professionalism shines through. Marius is a great asset to the Sandriver Safaris team.

Johan Wolvaardt’s youngest son, Rick, is a true hunter through and through. His passion for the bush, wildlife and hunting started at a very young age. Rick’s hunting career started the moment he could hold a rifle. At age 4 Rick started hunting small birds and at age 6 he took his first Warthog. His dedication and determination saw him successfully hunt big and dangerous game before he turned 16! The charisma, compassion and energy with which Rick takes on every hunt has earned him great respect amongst his peers as well as the clients he hunts with. Sandriver Safaris is very fortunate to have Rick as part of our team.

Johan Wolvaardt’s daughter, Nadea, has always shown a great love for the bush, wildlife and hunting. She practiced relentlessly from a very young age at the shooting range. Nadea started her hunting career at age 14, taking a very nice Impala ram and a Zebra stallion on the same day with perfectly placed shots! Nadea completed her Professional Hunter’s course and exams in 2009 with exceptional marks and special commendation from Limpopo Province Nature Conservation. She has since had many happy hunts with us and always manages to get that special trophy for her client. We are proud to have her as part of our Sandriver Safaris team.