Sand River Safaris Welcomes hunters and non-hunters.

Only Africa can offer one the genuine ‘Africa experience’.
In South Africa an African experience had been refined and made accessible to almost everybody. Game reserves abound, and are affordable. One can experience a glimpse of what the African bush has to offer, but it lacks the spirit of the true ‘Africa experience’, which entails more than mere game viewing and socialising around a camp fire.

The real ‘Africa experience’ is locked up in private game farms where one can so completely blend in with his environment as to lose himself. Where drought is real and rain is still a blessing and where life is in abundance: from ants, crickets, birds, or buffalo to elephants. Where, in every shade, or behind the claustrophobic dense trees and bush, both excitement and danger lurks; and where the nights are dark, filled with eerie sounds.

Sand River Safaris offers just such a total ‘Africa experience’ to the hunter, the non hunter, the angler or the photographer at their luxury game lodge, the Eya Khala Lodge, which they manage on their farm near Musina.

The farm, about 4300 ha of lush African bush in extent, are located near the confluence of the Limpopo- and Sand River with the South African border to Zimbabwe. The Sand River runs through the farm for about 14 km / 8.6 miles, which results in an abundance of nyalas, bush- and water buck. As, in addition, the whole hinterland is accessible, any package to suit the client can be negotiated.

High temperatures predominate year-round.

Many clients have become friends of Sand River Safaris. The warm hospitality has caused many hunters and non-hunters to return to Sand River Safaris. Click Here to see what some of our clients had to say.


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